Upcoming Events

Reboot Your Soils

24th January - 21st April 2023

Deniliquin, VIC

Plan Your Farm Landscape Course

Soil Inputs Workshop

14th February 2023

Yenda, NSW

On Farm Composting Workshop

Reboot Your Soil Workshop

22nd - 23rd February 2023

Cudgewa Hall, VIC

Digging Deeper Workshop

On-Farm Bugs & Brews Workshop

22nd March 2023

Bunbartha, VIC

Barossa Vineyards Soil Health Field Day

Making Composts on Farm for Hunter Local Land Services

6th March - 3rd April 2023


Soil Alive - Soil Biology Field Days

19th - 21st April 2023


Mycology in May

29th  April - 31st May 2023

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Mycology in May Flyer

Holistic Nutrient Management Workshop

3rd May 2023


Compost & Biofertilisers Workshop

4th May 2023

Compost & Biofertilisers Workshop

Reboot Your Grazing Landscapes (GUYRA)

24th July 2023

Reboot Your Grazing Landscapes - GUYRA

Reboot Your Grazing Landscapes (WALCHA)

25th July 2023

Reboot Your Grazing Landscapes - WALCHA

Soil Biology Workshop

4th August 2023

Soil Biology workshop flyer

Making Compost on Farm Workshop

6th July 2023

Goomalibee Making Compost on Farm

Demystify Soil Health

1st September 2023

Upper Glenelg Workshop flyer_Demystify Soil Health

Optimising Soil Health

15th September 2023

Optimising Soil health at Ayr

Landscape Hydration Essentials

2nd October 2023

Landscape Hydration Essentials Workshop

Using Soil Tests

14th & 28th October 2023

Using Soil Tests Webinars in October

Building Soils in Irrigation Areas

30th April 2024


Compost Workshop

7th May 2024

Compost workshop flyer