Soils, Compost & Biofertilisers: the Essentials

2 Day Bootcamp

Deepen your understanding of how soils work! Explore ways to make compost on-farm and learn how to make biofertilisers on your farm.

“The importance of plant food is an important matter, but the use of a fertiliser is not a cure-all, nor will it prove an adequate substitute for proper soil handling...”

Hill, Jones & Cutler 1908

  • Build your understanding of how soils work
  • Learn how to make or use compost on your place
  • Learn the basics of making biofertilisers on the farm

This 2 day Essentials Bootcamp will get you started! 

Join us for this intensive, hands on, practical Bootcamp as we explore the basics of soils, on farm composting and fermentation based biofertilisers. This Course will deepen your understanding of how soils work and give you practical tips and recipes for making compost and biofertilisers on the farm. You will learn about:

  • Soils: how they work
  • Soil health and how to manage it
  • The range of alternative fertility inputs
  • How to make biofertilisers, bioferments and biostimulants
  • On farm composting: aerobic & fermentation
  • How to make compost on-farm
  • Monitoring and testing compost quality
  • Using composts and biofertilisers 


Led by agroecologist David Hardwick, one of Australia’s leading soil extension specialists, along with farmer Wes Spencer who makes compost and biofertilisers on the family farm in northern Victoria. This is an essential course for anyone who wants to get serious about making and/or using composts and biofertilisers.

"David presents in a very practical and engaging way. He has a wealth of knowledge, is down to earth and understands farmers"


"David understands the needs of farmers and their everyday challenges"



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