Regenerative Cropping: the Essentials

2 Day Bootcamp

Learn how to implement a regenerative cropping program on your place! Explore ways to change your farming system and build soil health.

“Design for what you don’t have”

Gabe Brown

Want to:

  • Build your understanding of regenerative cropping
  • Make changes to your cropping program
  • Learn about soil health

This 2 day Essentials Bootcamp will get you started!

Join us for this intensive, hands on, practical Bootcamp as we explore the basics of soil health and the key approaches to regenerative cropping including multi-species cover cropping and biological nutrient management. At the end of the Bootcamp you will have a plan to implement a regenerative cropping program on a paddock at your place. We cover:

  • Introduction to Regenerative Cropping
  • Soil Health - building your foundations!
  • Holistic Nutrient Management - working with soil biology
  • What and Why: Setting your goals
  • Managing the crop: The key steps for success
  • Termination Time
  • Costs & Benefits
  • Pulling it all together
Looking at multi species croppingFarmer is in multi species cropping paddock

Led by agroecologist David Hardwick, one of Australia’s leading soil extension specialists, and Nuffield Scholar Simon Mattsson, one of Australia’s multi-species cover cropping pioneers. This is an essential course for anyone who is serious about getting into regenerative cropping.

“Very few people have such a comprehensive understanding of soils but can deliver a course in a platform that is easy to understand. I would recommend it to anyone.”


multi species cropping

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