Regenerating Rural Landscapes: the Essentials

2 Day Bootcamp

Learn how rural landscapes work! Explore ways to regenerate and rehydrate your property!

“It is imperative we farmers have a basic working knowledge of the nature of complex creative systems, because that is exactly what we are managing.”

Dr Charles Massy

Looking to:

  • rehydrate your farm landscape
  • implement regenerative cropping or grazing
  • improve farm biodiversity
  • create a healthy and productive farm landscape

then this 2 day Essentials Bootcamp will get you started!

Join us for this intensive, hands on Bootcamp as we explore the basics of rural landscapes, landscape thinking and the science and practice behind landscape regeneration and rehydration. This course will deepen your understanding of how your farm landscape works. It will help you improve the natural capital of your business.You will learn:

  • how to "see" your landscape using landscape thinking
  • about landscape patches: the building blocks of your farm's landscape
  • the water and nutrient cycles in rural landscapes
  • how energy flows and biodiversity functions in rural landscapes
  • the role of soil health for landscape function
  • the basics of Landscape Rehydration
  • the range of strategies for regenerating your farm's landscape
  • the key steps to Rural Landscape Regeneration
Farmers learning landscapes planningFarmers learning regenerative landscapes planning

Led by agroecologist David Hardwick with support from highly experienced professionals in the field, this is an essential fundamentals course for anyone looking to develop a Whole Farm Plan, implement Landscape Rehydration, change to regenerative cropping and grazing, build soil health or improve their farm's biodiversity. This Bootcamp is also the first 2 days of the 6 Day Planning your farm landscape Course. If you decide to enrol in that course later on then a discount will apply.

“I found this course a super-easy option to arrange for our members and friends. It’s leading-edge and up-to-date presenters and content were perfect for inspiring participants in their farm planning endeavours.”

Karen Zirkler - Southern New England Landcare

farmers learning regenerative landscapes planning

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