Digging Deeper into Soils

6 Day Course

Deepen your understanding of how soils work! Explore ways to regenerate and manage your soil for health and fertility! Build strong skills in reading soils tests, managing soil biology and making effective soil nutrient decisions. Join the hundreds of Australian farmers in Vic, NSW, Qld and the NT who have gone through the Digging Deeper Soils Course and changed their soil life!

“The importance of plant food is an important matter, but the use of a fertiliser is not a cure-all, nor will it prove an adequate substitute for proper soil handling...”

Hill, Jones & Cutler 1908

Combining the fundamentals of soil chemistry and soil structure with the latest in soil biology; this innovative course takes a 21st century approach to soils: applying soil ecology to manage soils holistically. At the end of this course you will have identified the key soils issues on your place and have a plan to deal with them. You will also have confidence to read soil tests and make sound soil decisions. Whether you are conventional, regenerative or organic, this course is for anyone who wants to build their soil skills. The course is hands on, farmer to farmer based and combines theory with lots of fun, practical activities.You will learn about:

  • Soils: how they work!
  • Soil Types: one size doesn’t fit all
  • Soil Health: the condition of your soil
  • Soil Fertility: nutrients and how they cycle
  • Soil Organic Matter: the heart of a healthy soil
  • Soil Biology: the community of life in your soil
  • Soil Structure and Water: optimising your soil’s water cycle
  • Soil Colloids: understanding the CEC and cations
  • Principles of Regenerative Soil Management
  • 8 Steps to soil management success

You will also learn to:

  • Identify the soil types on your property
  • Assess soil health in the paddock
  • Read soil tests with confidence
  • Manage the soil constraints on your place
  • Build soil health
  • Manage your soil’s limiting nutrients
  • Develop a soil plan for your place
Testing soils in a groupA group of farmers looking at soils

The Digging Deeper Soils Course can be tailored to your Landcare/farmer group. The course is led by agroecologist David Hardwick, one of Australia’s leading soil extension specialists. If you are just starting to learn about soils or if you already are experienced and want to take your knowledge further then this course is for you!

“I thought the DD course was great for anyone that wants to learn about the ways soils function, the chemistry and biology of soils, soil types and soil constraints. It has given me ideas and ways of managing particular soils in our farming enterprise. Highly recommended to Farmers and anyone who wants to learn and broaden their knowledge. The way David presents the information is very easy to understand and he is also very easy to approach with any questions.”


Learning soil type

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