Digging Deeper into Soils: the Essentials

2 Day Bootcamp

Deepen your understanding of how soils work! Explore ways to regenerate and manage your soil for health and fertility!

“The importance of plant food is an important matter, but the use of a fertiliser is not a cure-all, nor will it prove an adequate substitute for proper soil handling...”

Hill, Jones & Cutler 1908

  • build your confidence in managing your soils
  • improve soil health in your place
  • learn to make effective soil decisions
  • implement regenerative cropping or grazing

This 2 day Essentials Bootcamp will get you started! 

Join us for this intensive, hands on Bootcamp as we explore the basics of soils, soil health and soil fertility. This Course will deepen your understanding of how soils work and build your confidence to manage your own soils well. We will cover:

  • Soils: how they work!
  • Soil Types: one size doesn’t fit all
  • Soil Health: the condition of your soil 
  • Soil Fertility: nutrients and how they cycle
  • Soil Organic Matter: the heart of a healthy soil               
  • Soil Biology: the community of life in your soil 
  • Soil Structure and Water: optimising your soil’s water cycle
  • Soil Colloids: understanding the CEC and cations
  • Soil Health Checklist: how to assess your soil
  • Managing Soil Constraints: fixing soil issues
  • Using Soil Tests
  • Principles of Regenerative Soil Management 
Farmers looking at different type of soilsFarmers working on their soils analysis

Led by agroecologist David Hardwick, one of Australia’s leading soil extension specialists, this is an essential fundamentals course for anyone looking to improve their skills and confidence in managing their soils. This Bootcamp is also the first 2 days of the 6 Day Digging Deeper into Soils Course. If you decide to enrol in that course later on then a discount will apply.

“David Hardwick delivers factual and practical ways to discover the whole soils function, how to assess limitations and implement a hands on action plan to increase soil productivity and resilience. Highly recommended.”


A farmer holding a Soil Artisan Creating Healthy Soils Certificate

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