Soil Land Food offers professional consulting services in soils, rural landscapes, regenerative and organic agriculture, composting, agribusiness, rural extension, community development, rural cooperatives and food systems. The team has years of hands-on experience in regenerative agriculture, extension and community development. Our clients include Landcare groups, Regional NRM Bodies, State and Local Government, growers groups, rural cooperatives and a wide range of agribusinesses. For some recent examples of our work see the Projects page.

We prefer face to face consulting but can do online based consultation too! Using a collaborative approach we use a three step approach to all our consulting work:

    1. Firstly we get to know you and your situation. Each farming system or project is unique and we need to understand your situation in depth before we can help you.
    2. Then we develop a comprehensive process in consultation with you. We make sure the process is relevant, realistic and meets your personal, business and environmental goals.
    3. Finally we can help you put your plan into action and provide ongoing support as you move forward towards your goals.

Regenerative and Organic Agriculture

With a strong background in agroecology we focus on regenerative and organic farming systems. We offer professional independent services to help you transform your farm business towards a more regenerative, profitable system. Our services include soil sampling and testing, soil management reports, soil health programs, regenerative agronomy programs, biologically-based fertiliser programs and whole farm plans. Our team has worked on a wide range of farming systems including tropical and temperate horticulture, sugarcane, broadacre cropping, extensive grazing and dairy systems. We can also help with organic agronomy and organic certification issues as we have extensive experience in certified organic systems.

Composting & Biofertilisers

From manufacturing and quality control through to R & D, marketing and on-farm trials we have been involved in the composting and biofertilisers sector for over 15 years. Areas we provide expertise in include: commercial and on-farm composting, compost quality assurance and biofertiliser manufacturing on farm.

Soils & Rural Land Management

We are able to consult on soil and land management issues such as soil carbon projects, grazing management, soil erosion, farm hydrology, landscape rehydration and rural revegetation. If you are looking to develop a Whole Farm Plan then we can assist in farm resource assessment, mapping as well as property and enterprise planning.

Rural Extension

We are extension professionals and have helped deliver successful extension projects all over Australia. We have also developed extension resources including Manuals, Booklets and Videos. See our Resources page for some of these. We also help organisations train their extension and technical staff in modern extension methods through our Rural Extension workshops and courses. Finally we can help your organisation develop an extension strategy to make the most of limited resources by facilitating a strategic extension planning session so your team can set clear goals and outcomes for your extension efforts.

Community & Food System projects

Our team has extensive experience in rural community development and food systems and we have been involved in a number of food system projects over the last 20 years including farmers markets, farmer cooperatives as well as starting new regional food-based ventures. Our experience includes facilitating strategic planning, project budgeting and planning, marketing and operational management. We have experience in both the profit and the “for purpose” sectors.

David’s knowledge surrounding soil health and in particular biological function in soil is second to none. David has an excellent teaching style that works well with adults which gives you the right mix to achieve good outcomes. David’s formal training as an agroecologist gives him a good understanding of how most types of agriculture work in different environments so he is able to talk to farmers on their level enabling greater understanding of the information he is trying to convey. David has advised many members of our group and he is considered our ‘go to’ person whenever we are planning projects or field days. He has conducted several field days and workshops for our group and remains top of list whenever we are planning an event.

On a personal note I have known and worked with David for the last few years. We have presented at many workshops and field days and he is still teaching me new things every time. It is a pleasure to work with David and I look forward to his continued support of myself and our group.

Simon Mattsson - Cane Farmer & Nuffied Scholar - Mackay Queensland